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      Cody Harman

      Working with general health clients and athletes, focusing on functional health, competition prep and off-season. Customized plans based on the individual.


      All training, consulting, and nutrition plans are custom built just for you.

      Customized Nutrition

      Custom meal plan that works with your lifestyle and schedule. Everything can be entirely written, macro-based, or an intuitive approach with resources to help you be successful.

      Customized Training Plans

      1. Whether general health, athletetic, competition, or functional health is your focus, I write out a custom program to fit your needs and goals for competition prep and off-season.

      About Cody

      SPECIALTY: I work with all clients from general health and fitness to physique competitors, but as a transgender man I have have experience with the unique challenges that impact other trans men trying to reach their health and fitness goals ( competing as a trans man, surgery recovery and preparation, hormones, etc. ).

      Gym: Gold’s Gym Citrus Heights CA

      Fave Food: Sushi & Cookies

      Education & Certifications:

      • Personal Training and Nutrition Specialist Certification - Sierra College
      • NASM CPT
      • NASM Nutrition Specialist
      • PN1 Nutrition Certification

      Occupation: Nutrition Consultant & Personal Trainer

      Competition Placings:

      IATB: 2nd place

      NPC: 5th Place Mens Physique Open Class A

      NEXT COMPETITION: TBA But planning to compete in the fall of 2023

      Hobbies: Bodybuilding, cooking, watching trashy reality TV with my girlfriend and dogs at the end of a long day.


      Cody's Favorite Supps





      Ideal Immunity