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      Sammy Houle

      Working with general health clients and athletes, focusing on functional health, competition prep and off-season. Customized plans based on the individual.


      All training, consulting, and nutrition plans are custom built just for you.

      Functional Health & Nutrition

      1. Whether general health, athletetic, competition, or functional health is your focus, I write out a custom program to fit your needs and goals for competition prep and off-season.

      Customized Nutrition

      Custom meal plan that works with your lifestyle and schedule. Everything can be entirely written, macro-based, or an intuitive approach with resources to help you be successful.

      Customized Training Plans

      1. Custom training based on your goals and situation. New plans about every 4-6 weeks with the subscription depending on your goal.

      About Sammy

      SPECIALTY: Sammy is an IFBB Pro and has proven success as a Bikini Bodybuilding Prep Coach. She uses a mix of her education and personal experiences to masterfully lead her clients to the stage and on a health journey. She helps clients overcome functional issues and transforms them to optimal health and physiques. She focuses not just on your physical health but your internal health and mindset as well. She wants to help as many people feel amazing from the inside out and reach their fitness goals, increase their confidence and build a healthy mindset. She has experiences helping build a healthy relationship with food, healthy mindset, and being able to relate to clients building that client-relationship bond. She is accepting ALL clients: bikini competition prep (on/off season), transformation, and functional health issues.

      Hometown: Hudson, WI

      Gym: Glute Lab, Rise Health Fitness & Powerhouse-- gym hopper ;)

      Fave Food: Whole Foods :) If I had to pick one food-- Steak or Sushi!

      Education & Certifications:

      • Bachelor of Science- Athletic Trainer- 2015
      • GRASTON technique certified
      • NASM Certified
      • CPT Certified
      • ScoobyU Functional Health Mentorship

      Occupation: Functional Health, Transformation & Bikini Prep Coach

      Competition Placings:

      • 2020 Nationals USA- IFBB PRO
      • 2021 Placed 10th out of 20-30 Girls IFBB PRO Shows: Sacramento Pro, Atlantic Florida Coast Pro, Battle of Texas, Atlantic All-State
      • 2020-2023- Health Phase-- overcame SIBO and hormonal imbalances

      NEXT COMPETITION: 2024- IFBB Pro show undecided

      Hobbies: working out-- trying out new gyms, traveling/adventures, walks, beach, coffee shop, reading/podcasts, church/faith, family time.

      Samm'y Favorite Supps





      Medipure Vanilla