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      E Ramey

      Specialty: Helping people who are on the brink of quitting, develop new habits leading to a more optimal, better life through nutrition and fitness.


      All training, consulting, and nutrition plans are custom built just for you.

      Functional Health & Nutrition

      Includes a custom nutrition plan, guidance on training, recommendations on supplementation, plus monitoring and plan changes.

      Customized Training Plan

      Custom training based on your goals and situation. New plans about every 4-6 weeks with the subscription depending on your goal.

      Customized Meal & Diet Plan

      Get a custom meal plan without the coaching. Custom made just for you.

      Mentorship Programs

      Work specifically with E to learn the craft of nutrition coaching.

      About E Ramey

      SPECIALTY: Working with clients who are either just beginning or at the brink or quitting and developing new and better habits via nutrional practices and workout practices to fit their needs and skill level. I will also work with clients on their functional needs to allow them to become the most optimal person they can be.

      NICKNAME: Ramey

      HOMETOWN: Sarasota, FL

      GYM: Amped Fitness

      FAVORITE FOOD: Brownies, but also Chicken and Cream Of Rice


      BS, Sports Administration, M.S. Sports Administration - Facility and Event Management , F.N.M.S (Functional Nutrition Metabolism Specialist) via Sam Miller, ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA Group Fitness Instructor, ISSA Nutritionist, ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist

      OCCUPATION: Director of Recreation and Wellness, Functional Nutrition Consultant


      • Mens Physique Results
        2020 Iron Bay Classic
        Novice 2nd
        Class A 4th

      • 2020 Hurricane Bay Classic
        Novice Class A 2nd
        Class A 3rd

      • 2018 NPC Natural Kentucky
        Novice Class A 3rd
        Class A 3rd

      • 2018 Mel Chancey Classic
        Novice 5th
        Class A 3rd

      • 2015 Monster Mash
        Novice 2nd place
        Open 3rd place

      NEXT COMPETITION: TBD - Fall 2024

      HOBBIES: Personal training, bodybuilding, hanging with my dogs, traveling, and experiencing things with my wife, sporting events and concerts, being a dad.

      E's Favorite Supps

      GDA Max




      Gourmet Greens




      Liposomal L-Carnitine