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      Jane Karlson

      Specialty: Helping people achieve their personal goals for a healthy lifestyle with lasting results through bespoke nutrition and fitness programs.


      All training, consulting, and nutrition plans are custom built just for you.

      Functional Health Consulting

      Includes a custom nutrition plan, guidance on training, recommendations on supplementation, plus monitoring and plan changes.

      Nutritional Consulting

      Perfect program if you’re dealing with issues ranging from weight loss resistance to hormonal imbalances. Complimentary access to Feed4Function.

      Customized Meal & Diet Plans

      Personalized Macro (Protein/Carbs/Fat) or meal programs. Get a custom meal plan without the coaching. Custom made just for you.

      About Jane

      Nickname: JK

      Hometown: Chicago, IL

      Gym: Hifi Fitness

      Favorite Food: Ice Cream

      Education and Certification:

      BA, Apparel Merchandising and Marketing, Indiana University

      NCI Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Specialist

      NCI Level 1 Hormone Specialist

      Occupation: Retail Management and Nutrition Consultant

      Hobbies: personal training, bodybuilding, traveling to warm places, nutrition and outdoor adventures

      Competition Placings:

      1st Place, 2016 DFAC Bikini Novice

      3rd Place, 2016 OCB Midwest States Bikini Open

      1st Place, 2017 Chi-town Showdown Bikini Open Tall

      4th Place, 2017 NANBF St Louis Natural Classic Bikini Open

      1st Place and Overall Winner, 2017 NANBF Bikini Open A, earned pro card

      2nd Place, 2017 IPE Windy City Natural Pro Bikini

      2017 IPE World’s Pro Qualified

      1st Place, 2020 OCB Skyview Classic Bikini Open, earned Pro Card

      2020 IPE World’s Pro Qualified


      Jane's Favorite Supps



      GDA Max


      Chasteberry Liposomal




      ISO Perfect