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      Aria Adamy

      Available for hour long consults - anything the client may need help with including general lifestyle recommendations, interpreting labs and making supplement recommendations.


      Consultation Call

      Zoom or phone call discussion. This can be a lifestyle consult, developing healthy habits, lab review or what to expect for your first physique competition! No discussion is off limits. You do NOT have to be a client, this is open to anyone looking for guidance.  

      About Aria

      Hometown: Buffalo, NY

      Gym: Dixie Fitness Club and Body Shape, sometimes Crunch (gym rat)

      Fav Food: steak, peanut butter and cake

      Education & Certifications:

      NCI Nutrition Coaching Specialist, Level 1
      NCI Hormone Specialist, Level 1
      NCI Woman’s Health Masterclass

      Basic Life Support CPR

      Doctor of Pharmacy, 2005 State University of New York at Buffalo School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

      Occupation: Health & Nutrition consultant, pharmacist

      Competition Placings:
      7th place bikini, IFBB Battle of Texas 2019
      5th place bikini, IFBB Niagara Falls Pro 2019
      7th place bikini, IFBB Iowa Pro 2019
      12th place bikini, IFBB Hurricane Pro 2018
      7th place bikini, IFBB San Antonio Pro 2018
      12th place bikini, IFBB Miami Muscle Beach Pro 2018
      11th place bikini, IFBB New York Pro 2018
      13th place bikini, IFBB Tampa Pro 2017
      7th place bikini, IFBB Miami Muscle Beach Pro 2017
      11th place bikini, IFBB New York Pro 2017
      5th place bikini, IFBB Florida Grand Prix 2017
      2nd place bikini, IFBB Florida Victory Pro 2016
      3rd place bikini, IFBB Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Classic 2016
      5th place bikini, IFBB Hurricane Pro 2016
      2nd place bikini, IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championships 2016
      1st place Bikini A, NPC Masters Nationals 2016, Earned IFBB PRO CARD

      Next Competition: TBD

      Hobbies: cooking and trying new recipes, traveling, always learning, walking outside and making the people I love smile 😊


      Aria's Favorite Supps



      GDA Max






      ISO Perfect