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      What is Severe Weight Loss Resistance?

      This is where the things you used to do to lose weight, and even maintain your weight, no longer work for you. As you lower calories, and do more cardio and training, you gain more weight. You’ve tried doctors, and they can’t help, you’ve probably also tried other coaches to no avail.

      Many with these issues also have other symptoms that are tell-tale signs, they are, but not limited to:

      • • SIBO
        •Dysbiosis of the gut
        •Hormone Resistance (the addition of HRT didn’t help)
        •Extreme Fatigue
        •Insulin Resistance
        •Hormonal Imbalances
        •Skin Rashes
        •Hair Shedding

      If this sounds like you, we have some of the best coaches in the industry to help you with this issue.

      They will use our system of Rest, Flush, Feed and Functions plus Fasting if needed. They will walk you into autophagy work to reset the cells at the cellular level removing inflammation and replacing senescent cells with good cells that communicate with your hormones. This will then allow the mitochondria to burn fat rather than constantly glucose.