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      Functional Health

      Our Functional Health packages look at the entire body, finding the root cause of why you are
      experiencing the symptoms you are currently facing. We run thorough assessments, labs and additional
      tests if needed to determine the underlying issue.

      Through nutrition, supplementation, and training guidance we are focused on healing your body from
      the inside out to ultimately achieve long term results. We use the R3F system: Rest, Flush, Feed and
      Functions to heal the whole body.

      The following are functional issues but not limited to:

      • • Gut Dysbiosis (SIBO, H. pylori, GERD, acid reflux, colitis, etc.)
        •Adrenal Fatigue & Insufficiency
        •Insulin Resistance
        •Systemic Inflammation
        •Hormonal Imbalances
        •Metabolic Dysfunction

      All Functional Health programs include a custom nutrition plan, supplement recommendations,
      guidance on training, consistent monitoring and weekly 1:1 check’s-in with your Coach.