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      Nutrition consulting + training with MEGHAN SANTA BARBARA

      This package is to work specifically with Meghan Santa Barbara and it includes a CUSTOM nutrition plan, guidance on training, recommendations on supplementation, plus monitoring and plan changes.

      Click Here to learn more about Meghan

      $225.00 first month

      $125.00 /mo thereafter



      If you ONLY need to sign up for the monthly renewal (given Megan's permission) - sign up here:

      $125.00 /mo 



      Programs will be based on the macro system, and you will be given access to our very own online diet calculator with your own login and password.  Meghan will provide you with the amount of protein, carbs and fats you need to hit for the day, and each meal, and you can build a diverse plan using the diet calculator which is owned and has been developed by Scooby Prep and Natty Nutrition. If you have any questions email Meghan@scoobyprep.com.  All programs include unlimited emails, all adjustments to the macros, constant monitoring, custom training if added on below, cardio types and times and supplement advice and recommendations—all in effort to create a one stop shop.

      If you need a plan that is built gram-by-gram-food-by-food send Meghan an email and we can discuss some options - you may pay to have an associate build a plan for you.

      You will check in once per week (or DAILY if in contest prep) with your dry morning weights and pictures.

      **Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE

      **By clicking SUBSCRIBE and submitting your information you agree to the following statement: "I authorize Natty Nutrition, LLC (DBA Scooby Prep), or agent, to charge my credit card in the amount of $225 for the first month and then $125 each month until I cancel (see below how to cancel). If my credit card payment is declined my membership may be cancelled immediately and I will be responsible for a processing fee of $30 paid by an alternate method."

      ***To cancel your membership you can click the UNSUBSCRIBE button on this page and follow the instructions (though you must have a Paypal account to do so) OR you can contact Scooby Prep directly by emailing Meghan@scoobyprep.com and requesting cancellation.

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